Presenting Vikings Multifire and Volcano Roulette

The organization has introduced two captivating games that seamlessly integrate random number generator and live-action gameplay. Join us as we examine each release in order to determine what novel contributions they make.

Volcano-Drawing Roulette
If you wish to increase the intensity, Volcano Roulette is precisely what you need. With a clever new variation, this game continues the trend of multiplier roulette that Lightning Roulette initiated. More precisely, each turn contains the potential to add an additional one or two balls to the wheel. Although these balls do increase the likelihood of winning, their impact is limited to straight-up wagers. Other bets may be settled exclusively with the initial ball.

In order to activate the multipliers, one must first win a straight-up wager. The multiplier 1win app login is determined at random by the game and can range from 0 to 333x. When multiple straight-up wagers result in wins, an identical multiplier is allocated to each of them.

The new features do not affect the RTP for conventional roulette, which remains at 97.3%. You may utilize the racetrack to place French and Neighbour wagers in addition to conventional bets. A statistics page detailing the outcomes of the previous two sessions is also available.

Vikings Engage in Multifire
Vikings Multifire is an additional captivating addition to the roulette portfolio of Real Dealer Studios. Comparable to Volcano Roulette, the objective of this game is to appear on a roulette wheel with a single zero and win an enhanced payout. The game selects five numbers per round and adorns them with Viking-themed shields. Then, two of the five shields are struck by burning projectiles, which unveil multipliers ranging from 45x to 500x.

In order to be eligible for the multiplier, one must place straight-up wagers. Due to the fact that other wagers cannot be multiplied, their rewards remain unchanged from standard European Roulette. In contrast, the basic payout for straight-up wagers has been reduced from 35:1 to 29:1. This maintains the anticipated RTP of 97.3%.

Worth Investigating?
We had a tremendously enjoyable time with both activities. They are enjoyable to play while incorporating sufficient new elements to be worthwhile. This is particularly true regarding multipliers and multiple orbs, which are both elements of Volcano Roulette.

Nonetheless, we were particularly impressed by both games’ visuals. The animations produced by Real Dealer Studios are genuinely awe-inspiring and in perfect harmony with the theme. Volcanic eruptions in the center of the roulette wheel and flaming Viking shields are both interesting setpieces. Implementing them in a conventional live casino game would be considerably more challenging, which is another rationale for selecting this developer.

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